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FH tractor 480

Is the response to the demand for long-haul yields. It's a truck that has a powerful efficient and excellent maneuverability, in addition to ability to perform the work in a fast, efficient and rentable.en Today International Carriage.El Águila has two of these tractors to meet the demands of our customers.

  • 12.8 liter diesel engine with six-cylinder in-line, turbocharged and heat exchanger

  • D13A: 480 HP

  • tractor






FL 240 tractor

Our goal was to create a versatile and economical service to be competitive in a very complex business sector. Because when there are many stops on the daily shift is needed in a truck that can be trusted and that exceeds the test of time and traffic. The FL 240 is ideally suited to the activities of regional transport and freight refrigerated transport

Transportes Internacionales El Aguila has one of these tractors at present for the transport of refrigerated goods across Europe. 18 to 19 tons.
  • Wheelbase of 6.8 m

  • tractor

  • Length of 5637 mm chassis

  • Maximum weight in combination: 32-44 tonnes

  • 7.2 liter engine from 240 HP




FL 580 tractor

Quick deliveries, just before the rush hour in the morning. The Volvo FL is designed to work at the fast pace of city streets. It is the perfect choice for deliveries within and outside the city.

Transportes Internacionales El Aguila provides service to our customers in one of these tractors.


  • 12 to 16, 14 to 16 and 18 tons
  • Wheelbase of 3070 to 6,800 mm
  • Rígid
  • Length of chassis 6131 to 11,166 mm
  • Body and payload capacity of 12,480 to 13,030 kg
  • 240 hp or 280 hp 7.2 liter engine

Our fleet of trucks and tractors in this continuous expansion with the goal of offering all our customers new and better services every day.